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How much exercise does a horse need?

(A Horse walker – the PERFECT solution)

To remain fit and strong horses need a great deal of exercise. Walking on the level is particularly important both physically and psychologically. In their natural habitat horses spend many hours slowly walking forward as they graze or journey between their feeding and watering grounds. And let’s be honest – a horse is a flight animal, how often do we do justice to their natural urge to roam?

For many equestrian facilities the use of a horse-walker has provided a viable solution to supplement training and time in the paddock. In racing and competition horse circles they have become indispensable.

Newsells Park Stud in the UK, the renowned thoroughbred breeding facility, has worked closely with Röwer & Rüb and 21st Century Horse to create a very special exercise facility. The state of the art, patented, OVAL “Teomatic” RING Horse-walker with its dimensions of 20m x 30m is almost the same size as an indoor riding arena. A fundamental need was to be able to trot the horse in the walker controlled by a multi directional variable speed programme.

The other hallmarks of the unit are the 20m “even corner radius”, like that found in a round walker, and the single rail drive system which makes for silent running and low maintenance. The fenced, enclosed internal space of 15m x 25m has any number of practical uses. A large gate permits vehicle access to enable track maintenance and entry to the centre.

The unit can accommodate up to 12 horses and has a 2.40 metre wide walkway covered by a generously dimensioned partial roof that ensures its use in all weathers. The horses can be continuously observed through the top section steel grilled of the 2m high, robust fence elements. These have a hardwood infill up to 1.2m.

Whether large or small, horse-walkers are particularly useful in the winter when many meadows are out of bounds. Confined to a stable for much of the day, they offer the horse an opportunity to get some vital exercise. They are also a convenient method of warming up and cooling down – who really has time to walk their horse for at least 20 minutes before trotting?

Horse-walkers are therefore all-rounders for both horse and rider. Even if round sometimes means oval …

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