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Röwer & Rüb horse walkers have proved their reliability and smooth operation for many years. The high safety standards and many different options ensure that your horses are exercised regularly and in a healthy manner, while also providing a solution that is optically pleasing, a requirement many equestrian manufacturers have found difficult to achieve in the past. Röwer & Rüb manufactures the following different systems:

Freimatic tower horse walker

Teomatic ring horse walker with integrated lunging arena

Teomatic oval horse walker with integrated lunging arena

Freimatic suspended horse walker with integrated lunging arena

All horse walker systems are available in various diameters suitable to exercise from three to ten horses. You naturally have the choice between various safety grilles, switchboxes, fences, barn doors and roofs. The basic structure is hot-dip galvanised and is also available as a powder coated version upon request. We supply your horse walker either naked or ready for use, including all earthworks and foundations, roof, element fence, windbreaker net, sprinkler and surface layer.

With Röwer & Rüb’s patented oval horse walker you can make use of confined spaces with a width of as little as 10 metres to exercise your horses, or simply build around existing obstacles, such as trees or posts. The oval design gives the horse a straight section to walk along. This varied range of motion puts less pressure on the inside of the horse’s legs, ensuring a fitter and healthier horse.

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